Wrappers are stretchable pieces of cloth. You can wrap them round a wire frame in order to make a Paverpol statue or use them to decorate your Paverpol statue.


Cut the Wrappers into 4 equal strips cutted in the direction of the stretch. Use a brush to apply a layer of Paverpol on the wire frame wrapped in tin foil. Wrap the a piece of Wrapper as tightly and seamlessly as possible around the entire frame. Apply a layer of Paverpol. After drying, a layer of Paverplast plaster can be applied. This is a mixture of Paverpol and Paverplast powder. In this way a sturdy and smooth frame can be made.


There are 100 Wrappers in a box.


Wrappers can also be used to decorate Paverpol statues. They are ideal for hats and headscarves. Dip the entire Wrapper in Paverpol. Squeeze it and apply it carefully, because it can tear. Other works such as paintings, panels, photo frames, boxes can also be decorated with Wrappers.