Josefine varnish is ideal to protect a painted garden statue. It protects the paint from sunlight and weather conditions. Josefine varnish is a high-quality outdoor varnish and extremely user-friendly. Drying time is 1 to 2 hours (at 20° C) and it is recoatable after approximately 2 hours (at 20° C). Brushes can simply be cleaned with water and soft soap.

Various sizes and types

Josefine varnish is available in either matt finish, satin finish or high gloss and in jars of 100 ml. and 375 ml.

Drying time: 1 to 2 hours at 20° C
Resistant to UV, water, mildew and abrasion

To combine

You can also use Josefine varnish in combination with Pavercolour to make your own outdoor paint, which can be used to decorate an object by adding colour accents or by brushing and / or patinating. Do not use the very matt varnish on dark colours. For home and garden decorations, use Josefine varnishes!