• Paversand Black and Coarse 1000g

Paversand can be used in combination with Paverpol and Art Stone or Paverplast. This creates a clay with attractive deep cracks and fissures or a clay that quickly dries up to rock hard. The possibilities with Paversand are endless, and yours to discover!

Paversand is a unique product that, unlike the name suggests, does not consist of sand but resembles sand. Paversand is available in 1.000 grs. jars, in two colors and variations: Paversand white/stone hard and black/coarse.

To use: Mix 100 grs. Art Stone or Paverplast with approximately 500 grs. Paverpol. Then add the Paversand little by little, so that you can determine the thickness of the paste. The more Paversand you add, the coarser the structure. You can apply the paste with fingers or spatula to the workpiece. When drying beautiful bursts will appaer.
Paversand can be applied to Paverpol works/statues made with aluminum foil and covered with masking tape. The paste also attaches to a variety of other materials such as wood, glass, pottery and sturdy cardboard.

Paversand Black and Coarse 1000g

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