• Paverscrub Terracotta 45g pot

Working with Paverscrub

Paverscrub is decorative coloured flakes that you can use in various ways, for example Paverpol, Art Stone and Paverscrub mixed together gives your artwork a decorative and colourful look.
Working with Paverscrub: Mix in a bowl 2 tablespoons of dry Art Stone and 2 tablespoons of dry Paverscrub. Mix well. Apply a layer of Paverpol onto your artwork, any colour will do. Sprinkle several spoons of the above mixture on the paverpol and gently press the mixture into the paverpol. You can keep the remaining mixture into the bowl to be used another time....nothing is wasted. Now you can scrub. Rub well over the surface and you will see the colour appear. The longer you rub the more colour you see.
Another decorative way: You've created a painting or sculpture with Paverpol and you still want to add some colour and / or texture. Take a brush or stick, dip it in Paverpol transparent and let it drip playfully on your painting or sculpture. Now sprinkle one or more colours of Paverscrub into the paverpol, press it and shake the excessive mixture back into a bowl.
Please note, only do this when the painting or sculpture is already dry. If not, the Paversrub sticks everywhere.
It is up to you to discover all the possibilities of these colourful flakes!
P. S. You can also crumble the shreds into a smaller size.

Paverscrub Terracotta 45g pot

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