• Paverplast 100g

This is what you have been waiting for! Perfect for your garden decorations. You can now make every surface water- and weatherproof! A great versatile art and craft supply! 

With Paverplast mixed with Paverpol (100 grams Paverplast for 500 grams of Paverpol) you can create an weather proof paste. So this time you do not work with fabric dipped in Paverpol. But you apply this paste directly with a spatula on your workpiece in layers of roughly 1 or 2 mm. If you want a shiny surface, dip your finger in water and brush on the Paverplast paste. Make it stronger by working more layers on it. After every layer wait till it is dry before you apply the next layer.

Suitable for making waterproof arts and crafts, garden decor items including bird basins, fountains, pools, etc. It can also be used to create a completely watertight layer on sculptures and statues of tempex (polystyrene foam), plaster, self-hardening clay, ecoshape, papier-mâché etc. The item must be completely dry before you apply the layer of Paverplast. Varnishing is not required. Take your garden ideas and projects to the next level with Paverplast.

Paverplast mixed with Paverpol can be colored with Pavercolour to create numerous colors. 
If you choose to paint your Paverplast outside art piece with acrylic paint, then always use varnish to protect the colours for the uv-rays from the sun.
Store in an airtight sealable tray. Dries in air. If the Paverplast becomes too stiff you can add some Paverpol. Do not add water!

Paverplast 100g

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