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Welcome to Paverpol UK

We are pleased to say that the necessary 1st of May price increase has been reduced from 15% to only 5%. This is possible due to our business model of returning a percentage of the profits back into the business, thus helping to keep prices competitive.
We are, after all..... artists ourselves who understand the importance of creating to a budget :)

Discover your inner artist

Paverpol is a unique water based textile hardener. It offers endless possibilities to give shape to your creativity.

Paverpol allows you to make statues, both for indoors and outdoors, as well as abstract objects, wall decorations, vases, bowls, animals, jewellery and masks.

New ideas come up every day. And the most fun thing is: everyone can do it!


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Transparent Paverpol 1000g

Transparent Paverpol 1000g

1000g is our most popular size of Paverpol and is sufficient to create several statues in the standard size of armature.Ideal if you are starting out or want to try it out with a friend. ..


Transparent Paverpol 500g

Transparent Paverpol 500g

If you have a small project in mind, want to experiment with a range of colours or simply want to try Paverpol out with less expense then this is the size for you. This size would be sufficient to cre..


Transparent Paverpol 5750g

Transparent Paverpol 5750g

For larger projects, working in groups or if you're really hooked this 5.75 litre tub is exceptional value. It can also be decanted to work on single projects. ..